The 7th International Conference on
Complex Networks and Their Applications

December 11-13, 2018, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Important Dates


Submission Deadline

Sept. 17


Acceptance Notification

Oct. 07


Camera Ready

Oct. 14


The International Conference on Complex Networks and their Applications aims at bringing together researchers from different scientific communities working on areas related to complex networks. Two types of contributions are welcome: theoretical developments arising from practical problems, and case studies where methodologies are applied. Both contributions are aimed at stimulating the interaction between theoreticians and practitioners.




Authors are encouraged to submit both theoretical and applied papers on their research in complex networks.
Topics for the conference include, but are not limited to:

  • Models of Complex Networks

  • Structural Network Properties

  • Complex Networks and Epidemics

  • Community Structure and Discovery

  • Motif Discovery

  • Complex Networks Mining

  • Dynamics on and of Complex Networks

  • Link Prediction

  • Multiplex Networks

  • Network Controllability

  • Synchronization in Networks

  • Algorithms for Network Analysis

  • Networks Visual Representation

  • Large-scale Graph Analytics

  • Social Reputation, Influence, and Trust

  • Information Spreading in Social Media

  • Rumor and Viral Marketing

  • Recommendation Systems and Networks

  • Financial and Economic Networks

  • Complex Networks and Mobility

  • Biological and Technological Networks

  • Mobile call Complex Networks

  • Bio-informatics and Earth Sciences Applications

  • Resilience and Robustness

  • Networks for Physical Infrastructures

  • Networks, Smart Cities and Smart Grids

  • Political networks

  • Supply chain networks

  • Complex networks and information systems

  • Complex networks and CPS/IoT

  • Graph signal processing

  • Cognitive Network Science

  • Network Medicine

  • Network Neuroscience

  • Quantifying success through social network analysis

  • Temporal and spatial networks

Keynote Speakers


Vittoria Colizza

Aristides Gionis

Heather Harrington


Sune Lehmann

Hernan Makse 

Romualdo Pastor-Satorras


Markus Strohmaier

Donald Towsley




Jesús Gómez-Gardeñes

Silvio Lattanzi




Cambridge is one of the best small cities in the UK, just 60 miles north of London. It's home to the world-famous University of Cambridge, its Colleges, stunning architecture, superb venues, a vibrant cultural scene and acres of green space. Cambridge has been at the centre of world-changing discoveries for centuries. Today it boasts two universities and a progressive and diverse industry landscape. The city is an important centre of enterprise, leading the way in innovation, research, science and technology.


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